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OFS-6208 Fiber Testing Tool Optical Light Source 295g 1.5V Batteries AC Adaptor

OFS-6208 Fiber Testing Tool Optical Light Source 295g 1.5V Batteries AC Adaptor
OFS-6208 Optical Light Source , Fiber Testing Tool , 1.5V Batteries AC Adaptor OFS- 6208 optical light source Is a handheld optical light source, newly released in 2007. It can provide 1 to 5 wavelengths output to satisfy specific requirements including the 650nm visible light source and the...

Product Details

OFS-6208 Optical Light Source ,  Fiber Testing Tool , 1.5V Batteries AC Adaptor

OFS- 6208 optical light sourceis a handheld optical light source, newly released in 2007. It can provide 1 to 5 wavelengths output to satisfy specific requirements including the 650nm visible light source and the 1310/1550nm wavelengths for single mode fiber or the 850/1300nm wavelengths for multimode fiber, as well as other wavelengths according to customer’s needs. Together with the OFS- 6208 optical power meter, it is a perfect solution for fiber optic network applications.



Maintenance in Telecom

Maintenance CATV

Fiber Optic Lab Testing

Other Fiber Optic Measurements



  • Provides 1~5 wavelengths output which can be optional according to customers’ needs

  • CW, 2Hz modulation output at 650nm, and CW, 270Hz,1KHz,2KHz modulation output at other wavelength

  • High stability of the output power

  • Stable output wavelength

  • Backlight LCD display supports night operation 

  • Low battery power indication


Wavelengths(nm)Provides 1~6 Wavelengths according to needs.
Emitter TypeFP-LD,LED
Typical Ouput Power(dBm)

0@650nm / -7 @1310nm,1550nm, 

-20dBm for LED

Spectral Width(nm)≤10
Output  Stability ±0.05dB/15mins;  ±0.1dB/ 8hours
Modulation  Frequencies

CW.2Hz@650nm / CW,270Hz,1KHz,



Optical Connector

FC/PC(Other type adapters can be required)  

Power Supply

Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries); AC Adaptor(9V)

Battery Operating Time(hour)45
Operating Temperature(℃)-10~+60
Storage Temperature(℃)-25~+70
OPTFOCUS Recommendation

OFS-6208 Handheld Light Source is designed for 

optimal use with OFS- 6211 Optical Power Meter for 

measuring optical loss on both single mode and multimode fiber cable.

Standard Package

All OFS-6208 Models

OFS-6208 Optical Light Source, 3pcs 1.5V batteries, AC Adaptor, User Manual, Cotton swabs and Soft carrying case.

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