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Analysis On The Industrial Ethernet
Feb 13, 2017

⑴ in traditional industrial industrial Ethernet in the upper and lower network paragraph using different of agreement cannot mutual operation, so using a layer firewall prevent from external of illegal access, but industrial Ethernet will control layer and management layer connection up, upper and lower network paragraph using same of agreement, has mutual operation sex, so using two level firewall, second level of firewall for shield internal network of illegal access and distribution different permission legal user of different authorized. Can also be adjusted according to the log filtering and login policies.

Rights management measures to be taken, based on assigned permissions and permissions can be assigned according to the operation. Application factories highly professional, rights management can effectively avoid non-authorized operations. And to restrict key access workstation's operating system and built-in equipment management system must have a record of the review function, automatically records device parameters to modify event: who modified it, the reason for this change, modify the parameters before and after, so as to be well documented.

B can be used in the application of industrial Ethernet key to encryption as a way to prevent theft. There are mainly two kinds of cryptosystems: symmetric ciphers and asymmetric cryptography. Symmetric cryptosystems encryption and decryption both sides use the same key and key secret, because key distribution must be completed before the communication, in which this link is not safe. Asymmetric cryptography, because of industrial Ethernet sending periodic messages, so using this method of encryption is quite fast. For industrial Ethernet is feasible. Also access to external nodes to prevent.

⑶ real-time industrial Ethernet is mainly determined by the following guarantee: restrictions on industrial Ethernet communication load, 100M fast Ethernet technology is used to improve bandwidth, switched Ethernet technology and full duplex communication screen natural CSMA/CD mechanism. With the opening of network interconnection and the introduction of automation system for a large number of IT technology, together with the TCP/IP protocol itself open and endless network virus and means of attack, network security can become an outstanding problem affecting industrial Ethernet real-time.