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Fiber Adapter Implement The Docking Of The Same Or Different Fiber Optic Active Connectors
Sep 30, 2017

The role of fiber optic adapter is mainly in the optical fiber line to achieve the same or different fiber optic connector connector, is its very little loss in the implementation of optical path, it is the two ends of the fiber precision docking, so that the emission fiber output Of the light energy can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum and to minimize the impact on the system due to its involvement in the optical link.

Depending on the application range and requirements of the fiber optic adapter, the adapter also features a variety of fine fixed flanges for the purpose of fixing to a variety of panels. The adapter can be connected to different types of fiber jumpers and provide a range of different end faces Of the connection, double or even more can increase the installation density.

PC, UPC, APC in the adapter definition:

PC, UPC, APC in the adapter is usually used to define the color of the product.

SC, LC adapter: FC is beige, UPC is blue, APC is green, this refers to the product body color.

FC adapter: FC is black, UPC is red, APC is green, this is the color of the product dust cap.

ST adapter: PC is yellow, UPC is red, this is the product dust cap color.

Fiber optic adapter mainly LC fiber adapter, FC fiber optic adapter, ST fiber optic adapter, all-in-one or welded type, the use of precision ceramic sleeve connector connector and ferrule between the precise alignment to ensure that the optical signal The ultra-low loss transmission after the connector and the connector are interconnected.