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Fiber AdapterSuperior Performance Stable And Reliable
Aug 25, 2017

Fiber optic connectors are the most widely used optical passive devices in optical fiber communication systems. Most fiber connectors are composed of three parts: two fiber connectors and one coupler. Two fiber optic connectors are fitted into the ends of the two fibers; the coupler acts as an alignment sleeve. In addition, the coupler is equipped with metal or non-metallic flange, so that the connector is fixed.

Fiber optic adapter is widely used today, has been widely used! In fact, we rarely see directly in life, but your home if it is with the fiber, then will be closely related! Let's take a look at the important performance of the fiber optic adapter!

1. Flame retardant Flame retardant is the burning point of the material, good adapter material is not easy to burn under the fire point, which is a good flame retardant level.

2. Heat distortion temperature. Plastic deformation at heat pressure, especially in the field. So the heat distortion temperature of the adapter is also an important indicator.

3. Operating temperature -40 ~ 75. This is a normal operating range of the adapter. If it is cold temperature adapter will lose a great effect, so generally in this working temperature can work properly.

4. Insert loss. Generally require less than 0.2DB loss, if the loss will affect the light transmission, then your network speed will be very card.

5. Number of cards. In the continuous run-in between the need to continue interspersed with the general need to be more than 500 times considered qualified, low or less impact on the latter part of the larger life.

6. Stable quality. Many adapters in the production process will appear color, which is not sure in the production process which, and there are some minor problems, such as the shell of the fracture, thickness, and so on! Have to grasp!