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The Difference Between Industrial Ethernet Switches And General Commercial Switches
May 22, 2018

Industrial switches are also referred to as Industrial Ethernet switches. Designed specifically to meet the needs of flexible industrial applications, it provides a cost-effective industrial Ethernet communications solution. Its networking method focuses more on loop design.

Industrial switches feature carrier-class performance and can withstand harsh operating environments. With a rich product range and flexible port configuration, it can meet the needs of various industrial fields. The product adopts wide temperature design, protection level is not lower than IP30, and supports standard and private ring network redundancy protocol.

Ordinary commercial switches are much inferior to industrial switches in terms of performance and adaptability. Let's analyze the specifics below.

Tools / raw materials

Industrial Ethernet switches, commercial switches, industrial switches


  1. Look at the appearance

Industrial switches use surface or wrinkle shells for heat dissipation, metal enclosures and high strength. The general commercial switch is

Plastic shell, low strength, and the switch fan cooling.

  2. Use of environmental capabilities

Industrial switch operating temperature is -40 °C - +85 °C, and dust and humidity adaptability, protection class

IP40 or more. Due to the wide range of applications of industrial switches, it is suitable for installation in various environments.

Commercial switch operating temperature is 0 °C --- +50 °C, and no dust and humidity adaptability, poor protection level. Although POE-powered commercial switches can also be produced, they do not have POE power management functions.
  3. Service life

Industrial switch life is >10 years. However, the service life of common commercial switches is 3-5 years.

Why look at the service life? Because it is related to the maintenance of the project. Therefore, in environments such as video transmission in network monitoring environments such as parks, office buildings, and parking lots, as well as data transmission in visual intercom, access control, and other scenes in buildings, high-definition video stream transmission environments should be selected and industrial switches should be used. Performance-matched switches.

  4. Other reference indices

Working voltage: DC24V, DC110V, DC/AC220V are suitable for industrial switches. Commercial switch must work under AC220V.

Industrial switchboards use the ring network mode to reduce the cost of cable usage and maintenance.